Everything is coming into place…

Righty ho.  Everything is coming into place.  Today I broke up with my girlfriend.  I mean finally, once and for all, totally over with no chance of coming back type broke up, not the half hearted efforts of the past.  She is in the spare room even as I write.  I have to say, I was more than happy to move in there myself, but she insisted.  She has a way of doing that.  But anyway, this will be the second time in our 12 year history that we have willingly slept in different rooms of the same house.  And the first time was before we were actually together.  So this time we both know it is for real.

And tomorrow, I will quit my job.  Honestly, I got that process pretty well under way on Friday during my meeting with the COO, but tomorrow I will actually finish the job (no pun intended).  Not sure if they will want me to work out my notice period or not, I am going pretty hard for not, but we will see.

And, of course, I really have no friends around here.  So that is already dealt with.  Should see me entirely ready.  The only question is, what for?  To finally just kill myself and get it over with?  Or to start a bright new chapter in what could turn out to be a magnificent life?

To be honest, I would prefer the latter.  And that surely says something.  Hopefully it says that it will be the later, but we will see.


4 thoughts on “Everything is coming into place…

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Don’t think topping yourself is the answer though. As for having a magnificent life…well, I think almost all of just just lead normal, everyday ones. With the risk of sounding corny, it’s about seeing the magnificent in the ordinary. Like sunsets, good food, and when you’re coffee’s made exactly how you asked. Hang in there!

  2. Hi Alison, thanks for the response. I guess if I can get back to the point where I can see the magnificent in the ordinary, then that will fit my definition of a magnificent life! But having read quite a few of your posts now, there is some magnificent in there, so thank you! And I do hope something comes along that makes the writing easier for you to follow!

  3. Everything is going to be okay.

    I resigned on Thursday for another job and am torn between the guilt of leaving and excitement for my new beginning. Life goes on to bigger and better things.

    • Thanks Lee, I expect you are right. Actually, for the first time ever I am confident that leaving this job is the right thing to do, and I feel no guilt whatsoever, but actually just poorly treated and hard done by. The only thing that made me pause for even a while is that I will really miss one of my colleagues if we loose touch, which could happen. But other than that, no regrets! Hope your new job goes wonderfully as well, I look forward to reading another great blog post about it!

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