Difficult conversations and materialistic tendancies

So I have been having a few difficult conversations just lately. Yesterday was the one about what happens with the mutual possessions and savings I have with my ex. I guess a part of it is that neither of us are very materialistic people, and a part is probably that we are both still a bit shocked about actually being broken up. But essentially we sat there for a long time talking about who gets what, and both saying “you can have it” a lot. I think we finally decided to split the savings in half, but not without negotiation, and a few tears on both sides. I hear stories of people who fight bitterly to get everything that they can, and I think I must just be living in a different world.

I would always have ended the relationship before it got to the point of wanting to hurt the other person, and really a bit of money seems utterly unimportant at this stage. I guess it should, since I am also unemployed (or will be officially as of tomorrow), but I just feel like I have much bigger concerns. I wonder if that will change when I run out of money…


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