Withdrawl Symptoms

So, I guess I should have expected to be getting withdrawl symptoms. It is hardly surprising. But this is the bit that will make me sound like a cold hard bastard – I broke up with my partner of 12 years, and then I quit my job. Right now, the thing that I miss most is the closeness and tenderness and love that I shared with my partner (it was bad enough to break up, but obviously not all bad or we wouldn’t have lasted 12 years…). But the thing I miss most often is the smartphone that I had to give back when I left the job. Suddenly I am using something so primitave that it can barely do any more than send and receive calls. I don’t know how they are even allowed to call it a telephone!

So I have consciously missed that smart phone and wished I had it back about 30 times since I gave it back late last night. And the ridiculous thing is, it is the one I can go out and replace by laying out a couple of hundred euro. The relationship that took twelve years to build? Well, a couple of times I have nearly broken down at the fact that it is gone, but still haven’t so much wanted it back. I expect that will come though. Ah, life is complicated.


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