So, I wrote a poem a while ago.  Here it is:

There’s a black dog barking and it’s driving me insane
There’s a black dog barking and it’s filling up my head
There’s a black dog barking and I’m only seeing red
There’s a black dog barking and I’m wishing I was dead
There’s a black dog barking.

MS word thinks it has a grammatical error.  I think it isn’t very good poetry.  Neither of these really matter though, so here it is.


Hello world!

So, I decided to keep the old title, just because I am a computer geek, so that kind of fits.  This is my blog.  Welcome.  You don’t know my name, and I don’t intend you to.  In fact, pretty much the point of this blog is to allow me to say what I want to say without any repercussions, and as part of that, it is pretty important that my name is not associated with it.

Not that there will be anything illegal here.  Or dangerous or deadly.  But certainly some morally questionable things, if I actually keep up with it.  You see, I am depressed.  I haven’t been diagnosed as depressed, or anything like that, and maybe a lot of experts would tell me that I am wrong, and actually I am not depressed.  I would go and ask them, so I know, but if they did say I was wrong I think it would just be depressing.  So for now, I am just going to accept that I am depressed, and leave it at that.

The obvious question is, why am I depressed?  The answer, alas, is not so clear.  I think though a large part of it is that I do not tell the truth about what I am thinking and feeling.  There are a couple of reasons for this, some of them good and honourable, some just sad, and some terrible and shameful.  But anyway, to get over it, I am going to start telling the truth, and doing it here.

About now you are probably thinking that surely I should have the nerve to put my name to it.  Well, you are probably right, but the fact is, I am not going to.  If you happen to know who I am, or to figure it out, then I ask you to please be gentle.  In fact, even if you don’t know who I am, a bit of gentleness wouldn’t go astray!

Other questions like how often I will post and what the exact content will be will be answered along the journey…